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Desert iPhone Backgrounds for Raising Your Vibration


We underestimate the power that we have over our thoughts. When we begin to surround ourselves with high-vibration messages, we start to match it. It might sound like some new age nonsense, but bear with me: when you’re on vacation and surrounded by beauty, you appreciate more of what surrounds you, right? Conversely, you may stop appreciating the beauty of the view on your commute, and the springtime blooms once school’s out and you’re dreaming of the beach.

We may peek at our phones anywhere from thirty to eighty times a day, so it’s an easy place to start making a change. Surround yourself with beauty and remember to appreciate it. Everything else starts going rosy, after a while. It has for me.

All these photos were taken by me and shot on iPhone. I cited relevant quotes in each caption. Long hold to save each image or download the whole pack!

Screenshot, download, use + share. These are here for y’all!